we will bring an end to
period poverty in the UK…

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over 30 million donations and no plans of stopping…

When you purchase our products, you buy one for someone facing period poverty too – it’s that simple.

As social enterprise of the year, we break records, boundaries, and bias when it comes to period equality to ensure everyone has access to sustainable products and inclusive education – for free!

We believe that access to period products and education is a right, not a privilege which is why we work closely with business, government and industry leaders to encourage real social change and end period poverty.

Hey Girls has big ambitions.
Along with continuing to develop our product range so everyone has something that suits their flow, we strive to ensure no one is left without period care; at home, at school or at work.

We can bring an end to period poverty in the UK, through conversation, collaboration, and a lot of hard work. If you’d like to work with us in any way – get in touch!

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We’re supporting teachers and community workers to deliver education, ensuring people feel confident on their period and to break down taboos.

1 in 4

do not understand their cycle


are not told about periods by their parents


get no preparation for their first period

period poverty

Millions of people across the UK are having to sacrifice their health and dignity because they cannot afford basic period protection.
Research suggests that 1 in 10 (1 in 4 in Scotland) have struggled to afford period products. Without access to products, people can be forced to use makeshift solutions, miss education or work, and suffer embarrassment.

By increasing access to free products – no questions asked – Hey Girls relieves the pressure on low income families, removes a financial barrier to school /work, and ensures that no one has to compromise on their health.

Period poverty is more than just accessing products.
Alongside improving access, Hey Girls provides inclusive education about periods for people of all ages and genders.
Our aim is to break down the taboo around menstruation, improve health, get people chatting, and help them feel confident about their bodies.

period dignity

Period Dignity describes how easy it is for someone to access period products and education around what a healthy period looks like.

Everyone should be able to access products without barriers or embarrassment. They should be available for free in public spaces, visibly displayed in all washrooms to avoid having to ask for them.

Providing free period products in an inclusive initiative to ensure dignity for all. We work with local authorities, schools, colleges and universities to supply communities with vital period support.

Our Period Dignity campaign focuses on bringing period products to every workplace in the country, so every office can create an equal working environment for all.
For businesses, working with Hey Girls helps to reach environmental and societal goals (ESG) and improves corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Breaking down the myths and stigma around periods normalises the difficult conversations we need to have, especially for younger people with periods.
It’s important everyone understands the basics about menstruation as well as the details not always covered by schools or family members.

Hey Girls Period Pads

period equality

Period equality is about making sure that everyone who needs access has it.
Whether you’re facing poverty in school or at work, everyone deserves to be treated with an equal opportunity for a safe and healthy period.

We encourage all of our business and community partners to provide products in female, male and accessible washrooms and all of Hey Girls products are always accessible without barriers.
Our dispensers require no monetary transactions and encourage people to ‘take what they need’ as period poverty looks different for all of us and can vary from month to month.

choose period products that are not only good for you, but good for our planet…

Sustainable change starts with quality products. Whether your Hey Girls product is purchased or donated, we only provide quality, sustainable products for our customers.

o We work closely with manufacturers to ensure all our products are sustainable.

o Most of our suppliers are female, running workplaces that give back to their communities through employment of local staff and by using materials local to them and other businesses

o We only work with suppliers who uphold the highest standard of sustainability policies. We have confirmed certification of the following and our ingredients can be traced all the way back to their original source

o We work with other social enterprise suppliers and small businesses where possible. Supporting all business for good is the best way to make a genuine impact

Hey you, did you know…
We are the only social enterprise to receive recognition at renowned global climate conference COP26 for our efforts in green business and we were the first UK period product manufacture to tackle the issue of water pollution by adding the ’do not flush’ logo to our product wrappers.


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tonnes of disposable period product waste per year


disposable products used on average per lifetime per person


disposable period products are found for every 100m of beach