Featured | 21.02.22

Children’s & Families Sheerness

We are…

Children’s & Families Sheerness is a community-based organisation bringing together all the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make the area an even better place to live. Their period poverty project “Swale Sisters” was launched in September 2021.

Proud to be a Hey Girls community partner…

Children’s & Families Sheerness became a Hey Girls community partner in time for the launch of Swale Sisters. We have supported them along the way with regular donations of products to enable them to distribute products to all those who need them. It has been great to see how popular the reusable period products are with their local community.

Our impact

“We have received so much amazing feedback from people who have needed period products. We link up with other local charities and organisations. A lot of people in Swale are aware of our project and we have worked closely with voluntary services and the local council to help our project.” explains Emma, Project Coordinator, Children’s & Families Sheerness

Making a difference

“We have unfortunately heard from many women who are unable to afford period products or have in the past been too embarrassed to ask for help so our project has really helped stop the stigma and made some people confident to talk about it. Some people are eco conscious and have already converted to using the cups or the period pants.”

Children’s & Families Sheerness