Featured | 09.11.23


Inspire team with Hey Girls products - Credit Inspire

Who are Inspire?

Inspire are a Suffolk-based youth charity dedicated to empowering under 25s and helping them realise their potential.

They work closely with young people to support their personal development and wellbeing, as well as helping them overcome challenges so they are ready for the next chapter of their lives.

How did they find out about Hey Girls?

The team at Inspire first heard about Hey Girls when their students chose period poverty as an issue to tackle during Social Action Week.

Students created a community project where they set out to make period products accessible in their hometown.

Tutors were so moved by their passion they decided to keep their vision alive by partnering with Hey Girls.

Which products have they received?

Inspire has made our environmentally friendly disposable pads and tampons available in its washrooms, while reusable pads and menstrual cups are also available from tutors.

What impact has the partnership had?

Giving students access to free period products mean they can now enjoy taking part in sports, education and more without worry.

What do Inspire have to say about Hey Girls?

Danielle Wright, Centre Manager at Inspire, said: “We are incredibly grateful to have found Hey Girls.

“Being part of their mission to make period products accessible to all aligns perfectly with our values.

“The far-reaching impact of their initiatives is undeniable, ensuring our students can focus on their goals without any barriers. It’s a no-brainer for us – together we’re creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.”

Hannah Cooke, our National Free Period Product Provision & Donations Coordinator, said: “What Inspire are doing to empower young people is nothing short of fantastic.

“It is amazing to hear that our products are helping students continue doing the things they love – showing how periods should never be a barrier to education and sport.

“Every purchase supports an organisation like Inspire and funds the national fight against period poverty.”

Find out more about Inspire’s amazing community work here.