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Normalising free products in schools, allows young people to focus on education and feel confident about periods.

We work with a range of schools across the UK to promote period equality, period product access and period education.
Being a young person today is hard enough without having to worry about being caught short at school or worse – missing out on education entirely due to lack of access to product.
Our collaborative approach to everything we do has taught us what your pupils are most concerned about when it comes to periods and we’ve found simple solutions that every school can take part in.

We believe it’s not enough to just increase access to products, we also need to increase knowledge and awareness too.
We provide an education programme to run alongside the provision of free products to schools with resources suited to both Primary and Secondary ages.

Hey you, did you know…
Hey Girls was chosen as an advisor to the Department for Education for England as they consider providing free period products in schools.

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inclusive education that covers more than the basics…

Periods can be overwhelming for all of us which is why we’ve created a range of lesson plans, conversation starters and educational content that covers everything your pupils need (and should) know about periods.

We believe in a better period for everyone which is why our learning resources are inclusive to all ages, genders, races and backgrounds. We cover a variety of topics from the basics of the menstrual cycle to more sensitive conversations around gender identity.

Our resources will always be available for free and they can be accessed in person or online so pupils can learn at their own pace and where they feel most comfortable.

Download our free 'Time of the Month' book Watch our primary school education animation Watch our secondary school education animation

don’t leave boys out of the conversation…

We know talking to young people about puberty can be awkward. Chatting about periods can be even harder, especially if you don’t experience them yourself.
We’ve found that actually, most male students show a real interest learning about periods and the awkwardness can be eased by the fun activities we include in our lesson plans like ‘messy play’ which encourages pupils to get hands on with period products.

We have a selection of resources available and with support from Michael Sheen, we launched our ‘Pads 4 Dad’s campaign, designed to help dads and male carers feel more prepared for ‘the chat’.

Download our Pads 4 Dads guide to periods Read our Hey Boys fact file

three top tips for period dignity in your school…

We never want pupils to have to ask for products; while periods should not be kept secret, it should be a choice to keep them private.

o Give pupils access to products in multiple washrooms rather than a dedicated ‘period friendly bathroom’. We have a selection of display solutions to work with all budgets.

o Take part in our training for multiple members of staff rather than one dedicated person.

o Provide access to a variety of products so pupils can decide what works best for them.

We can arrange delivery to your school directly or straight to students homes via our Home Packs.

Period Product Home Packs


Why should we partner with Hey Girls?

Hey Girls is good for society as well as for nature. We offer sustainable and award-winning period products whilst also tackling period poverty. Also, we have experience working with a range of businesses across the UK, providing guidance on period dignity in the workplace.

Why have ‘girls’ in your name when not all people that menstruate identify as female?

Hey Girls was set up by Celia and her two daughters Bec and Kate after experiencing period poverty first hand themselves when Celia was a single mum. Celia used to always greet Kate and Bec by saying ‘hey girls!’ as a term of endearment. It was not intended to be exclusive.

We have been working behind the scenes to become more inclusive and have big plans to ensure we are supporting diversity and equality around period care and education.

We’ve changed our packaging to be more inclusive (removing images of girls from the boxes), widened the messaging to change to ‘people’ rather than ‘girls’ and ‘women’ from our resources and website.

We work very closely with The Diversity Trust and focus groups to create educational resources, lesson plans and campaigns to ensure LGBTQIA+, BME and disability communities are part of everything we do.

We also have extensive educational resources on www.myperiod.org.uk – a website designed to create awareness and education around periods, that has been designed as more of a gender neutral menstrual educational tool.

How do we incorporate reusables into our period dignity campaign?

We offer reusable pants, pads and period cups. When cared for, these can last between 5 and 10 years. Although a higher price point than the disposables, they are better for the environment and more sustainable for your staff. Imagine being able to hand your staff reusables and knowing they may not need to worry about buying disposable period products for 5-10 years? Magic.

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