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Terms & Conditions…

Terms & Conditions…

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Terms & Conditions…

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Terms & Conditions…

Terms & Conditions…

Terms & Conditions…

Terms & Conditions…

Terms & Conditions…

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully because we want you to be happy with everything and make sure that they do not contain anything about which you are concerned. Any worries please call us on 0131 665 6434 or email to contact@heygirls.co.uk


Our Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of products from our E-commerce platform or via invoice by you (the Customer.)

Hey Girls CIC is a company registered in Scotland number SC570283 (the Supplier/us/we)

The registered office is

Hey Girls CIC
Unit 3
Newhailes Business Park Newhailes Road
Musselburgh EH21 6RH

These are the Terms on which we sell all Products to you. By purchasing these Products from Hey Girls CIC you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Delivery Address is the location where you tell us to deliver your order.

Contract means the legal-agreement between you and us for the purchase of the products.

Products are any Products that we supply to you, of the number and description as described in the Order confirmation

An Order is generated by you by checking out from the website and paying for the products or providing a correctly formatted Purchase Order or email order to orders@heygirls.co.uk

The Description of the Products is as listed on our website or in other material provided. The descriptions are accurate to the best of our knowledge however there may be small discrepancies in colours or sizes.

Basis of Sale

A Contract will be formed for the Products ordered, only upon the Supplier sending an email to the Customer saying that the Order has been accepted.

The contract cannot be varied at any time after it has been confirmed unless both the Supplier and customer agree the variation in writing

Price and Payment

The price of the Products and any additional delivery charges is that set out on our website or in the relevant price list, inclusive of the appropriate VAT at the date we accept your Order.

Payment for Products must be made at the time of order or via invoice. You must pay via any of the recognised payment methods presented at checkout on our website or as agreed for invoiced orders.


We will deliver the Products to the Delivery Location as soon as possible, we are not responsible for delays in the postal service or any other delivery method we may employ.

In any case if we do not deliver the products within 14 Days, you can consider the Contract at an end

Also if the products delivered are not as described or damaged you may also consider the contract at an end.

If you do treat the Contract as at an end we will return all payments made under the Contract.

We do not deliver products outside of the United Kingdom.

Just a note about what we do if there’s no one in when products ordered from our website are delivered. As we send all our deliveries by Royal Mail, Postie will leave a card saying the parcel is next door/under the plant pot or, if nowhere appropriate, back in the Sorting Office. In the last case if you don’t collect it, after 3 weeks or so, Royal Mail will return it to Hey Girls.

At that point we will put it back into the donations to help a UK Girl or Woman in need. If you still do want your products then get in touch and we will resend. but if we incur

any costs for their return or re-delivery  we reserve the right to onward charge you, the Customer.


Your privacy is critical to us. Please refer to our GDPR privacy & cookies policy which can be found at https://sandbox.heygirls.co.uk/wp63/privacy-cookies-policy/

Excluding liability

The Supplier does not exclude liability for any fraudulent act or omission or for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the Supplier’s other legal obligations.

Subject to this, the Supplier is not liable for loss to a Customer’s business, trade or profession as the Supplier supplies the Products exclusively for personal use by the Customer.

Governing law, jurisdiction and complaints

The last thing we want is a dispute and so, if you do have a complaint please call or email Hey Girls CIC directly. We will aim to respond with an appropriate solution within 5 days

The Contract is, and any other matters are, governed by the law of Scotland

Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Scotland or, where the Customer lives in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, in the courts of respectively of England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

None of the above affects your statutory rights.